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Do You Have a Special Needs Child That is About to Turn 18?

So you have a child with special needs. You have been helping them their whole life. They’re about to turn 18. Their going to be an adult. Your ability to help them as an adult changes; you no longer have those legal rights. They turn 18; their disability does not go away, but you’re right to help them does.

Are you concerned about this? You should be. Let’s talk about the solution.

The solution: guardian advocacy.

Big term, huh? What does this mean? Essentially, it is getting a document from a court where you become the guardian advocate for your child when they’re 18.

So you’re asking, what’s involved? What’s the process?

Well, you have an attorney like me to file a petition to appoint you the guardian advocate for your child. Your child has an attorney appointed for them to represent in this action. That attorney? Typically paid for by the state. Once the attorney is appointed for your child that attorney meets with your child. Maybe they meet with you.

They’re going to review the documents you file with the court and then they’re going to file a report saying “I agree to this petition to appoint you as the guardian advocate” or “no, I object on behalf of my client.” Typically, in these situations, the attorney appointed for your child does not file that objection. They are in agreement with your petition to request the court appoint you the guardian advocate. The attorneys get together; they determine the language that they want in the document the court’s going to sign, and finally there’s a hearing to address all of this before the court. And before you know it, you are appointed the guardian advocate for your child to help them navigate that adult world you’ve been living in for a long time.

I know by you watching this video you are concerned about your child being subjected to what can be a vicious world. What you want to do is make sure you’re working towards helping that child through a guardian advocacy program.

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