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The 10 Point Nursing Home Checklist You and Your Loved Ones Need

Do you have loved ones that you care for and now need skilled nursing care? Are you finding this discussion with your loved ones the most difficult thing you have ever done? We realize that the decision to move your loved ones to a nursing home is hard. How do you find the right one? Will there be challenges? How do you make sure that the needs of your loved ones, both now and in the future, will be met by the facility?

Finding the right facility for your loved ones, that can meet their health care needs, is only the starting place in your research. In addition, what other factors will you and your loved ones need to consider that you may not be aware of yet. Right now, in this blog, we would like to share our 10 Point Checklist that you and your loved ones can read and use in your research as you assess your choices.

1. Financial programs and health care services. Are programs such as Medicaid and long-term care insurance, that can help offset the high cost of care, accepted? Find out early in your evaluation process. Be aware that not all nursing homes provide the same health care services. Make a list of the health care services your loved ones need and use this list to determine if the facility is a fit for them.

2. Location may be important. If your loved ones want to stay in the community where they have always lived, then you must try to find a good nursing home in their community.

3. Change in levels of care and medication management. If the health of your loved ones declines or improves, will they be able to stay in the facility? You need to know this now, so that any moving later on can be avoided. Does the nursing home manage medications or is it considered an additional service? Most skilled nursing homes include this service, but some do not, so be sure to ask.

4. Programs, activities and ways to engage the residents. Knowing that loneliness and isolation are a leading cause of death for Older Americans, it is crucial that the facility offers opportunities for your loved ones to be active and engaged.

5. Communication plan. How does the facility communicate with the families of their residents? Does the facility report to one designated family member about the needs of the resident? Will the facility talk with multiple family members, as well as the agent(s) under the durable powers of attorney of your loved ones? Communication is vital and you need to know the facility’s plan.

6. Online connection plan. Will you be able to connect online with your loved one? Will you and your loved ones be able to use FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, or other methods of online communication? Be sure to see if the facility has a plan to ensure you can connect with your loved ones once they become residents.

7. Licensed by the state. Be sure to look into the facility’s licensing. Is it up-to-date? Have there been any problems? How were challenges addressed?

8. Disaster management and updates on Covid-19. All nursing homes you visit should have a plan for how it will manage disasters. Disasters can range from viruses to natural disasters to power outages, and in Florida, to hurricanes. You need to discuss what to expect and the facility’s plan for handling these issues before signing the contract.

9. Take a tour, read reviews and ask for opinions. Before visiting the nursing home read any reviews you can find online. Once you are onsite, if possible, ask residents their opinions. Get the opinions of family and friends about the facility. Be sure to schedule a tour, but also consider an unscheduled tour so that you can evaluate the facility without it having time to prepare for your arrival.

10. Staff, turnover, and health care provider permissions. Find out about the people working in the facility. Do they seem happy? Caring? Busy? Is there frequent staff turnover? Also, find out if your loved ones’ current health care provider will be able to enter into the facility to treat your loved ones.

These 10 points are just the beginning of the research you will want to finish before placing your loved ones in a long-term care facility. We encourage you to discuss your potential choices, as well as your goals, with your Florida elder law attorney. Your attorney can help guide you in this critical decision so your loved ones can find and access good long-term care.

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