Senior Scams

How many of us have received an email of our long-lost relative who’s left us millions of dollars in an overseas account and all we have to do to claim the money is provide our name, address, date of birth, and Social Security number? It sounds comical to most and we immediately direct the email to spam. But all too often, seniors believe the criminals, and the information for identity theft is willingly provided. Anne Desormier-Cartwright of Elder & Estate Planning Attorneys PA says, “Right now, research shows us “that seniors or ‘Older Americans’ continue to be “one of the most targeted groups by criminals “because, as a generation, this group is perceived “to be less aware and more easily taken advantage of.” Older Americans are often the victims of mail scams, with incentives, threats, and over-promises that request personal and private information, because seniors trust paper mail more readily. Utility bill scams, where the senior is told that unless money is paid immediately, utilities will be cut off. This can be a terrifying prospect for a senior. Hurricane insurance scams, promising complete coverage in the event of a storm in exchange for information and money right now. Identity theft. The senior is asked to give up valuable private information that will enable scammers to take his or her identity and access all assets. Falling victim to any of these crimes can be challenging and put your loved one’s finances and health at risk. An experienced elder law attorney can offer the support seniors need, not only with long-term care planning solutions, but also the assistance to keep them safe from any potential threats. Elder & Estate Planning Attorneys PA is a law office small enough to provide personal service, but large enough to handle all of your estate and planning needs.