Medicare Part D – What You Need To Know

If you’ve reached the point in your life that you’re insured by Medicare, you’re not alone. Tens of millions of American seniors also rely on Medicare to help pay for their healthcare needs, such as hospital care and outpatient medical services. But you may still be wondering if your prescription drugs will be covered. As of 2017, more than 42,000,000 Medicare beneficiaries had prescription drug coverage through Medicare part D, which is optional.

Anne’ Desormier-Cartwright of Elder and Estate Planning Attorneys PA, offer some insight. Medicare part C, is an alternative to original Medicare, as it allows program beneficiaries to receive their Medicare benefits through a private health insurance plan. But you may need to purchase a stand-alone drug plan if your specific Medicare Advantage Plan doesn’t include prescription drugs.

Medicare part D, pays for outpatient drug expenses. Each approved part D plan covers different drugs and co-pays for brand name and generic covered drugs. One way to get the Medicare part D enrollment process started, is to call 1-800-MEDICARE to locate prescription drug plans in your area.

There are other ways. To find out more, an elder law attorney can help with this matter and more. Elder and Estate Planning Attorneys, PA, is a law office small enough to provide personal service, but large enough to handle all of your estate and planning needs. Do not wait to contact their office for support.