How to protect yourself when life changes

Despite your best efforts, you cannot plan for every emergency. A car accident, sudden illness, workplace injury, or chronic medical condition can force you to reevaluate the core assumptions you used to prepare for your future. However, you can take meaningful actions to protect your legacy and estate in the wake of the changes to your life and livelihood. Anne Desormier-Cartwright of Elder and Estate Planning Attorneys PA offers some insight to that end. She says, “Make sure there’s an authorized person “to make financial and healthcare decisions for you “if you become mentally “or physically unable to do so yourself. “Also, someone must be named to manage your property, “pay your bills, file your taxes, “and handle similar business “if you’re unable to do these tasks.” You also want to establish that your desires for certain healthcare decisions, such as end-of-life care and do-not-resuscitate instructions have been communicated in a legally valid and binding manner. Working with a qualified estate planning attorney can help ensure your wishes are carried out in the event you cannot speak for yourself. Elder and Estate Planning Attorneys PA is a law office small enough to provide personal service, but large enough to handle all of your estate and planning needs.