Is Your Child Turning 18?

Do you have a child turning 18 anytime soon? Well, let me tell you, when they turn 18, they’re an adult, and you no longer have access to their medical records or financial records. If you want to continue helping your kids with all of that information, stay tuned.

So first, let’s talk about the medical records. Maybe your child has a doctor. Maybe he or she doesn’t. So they’re going to go to the doctor, and they’re going to sign a form that says, “My parent has access to these medical records.” But if they never do that, you can solve that with what’s called a Universal HIPAA Release Form where your child signs it and appoints you to have access to medical records. That’s the first solution.

Now, the next solution – you can have a health care power of attorney where your child gives you authority to make medical decisions for you when they cannot. This is key for when they’re away at college; they’re traveling; maybe they’re taking that trip you wanted to, but couldn’t ’cause you’re putting them through college. This is the document that will give you access to make those medical decisions for them when they cannot.

Next is the financial records. When they turn 18, they probably don’t want you on their bank account. Legally, they can have their own bank account. So maybe they remove you from the bank account, but maybe they still need help. So you’re going to have a durable power of attorney where they name you the agent to act for them, but they have to sign this document. And then you can go to the bank when you need to help them with their financial records. Until you have that document, you have absolutely no access to their financial records.

Parents, if you’re like me, when your child turned 18, they thought they knew everything. We know they don’t. Let’s consider helping them along to understand what being an adult is. Download this tool that you can have access to knowing your rights and how to resolve them when your child turns 18.

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