7 Home Hurricane Prep Tips for Florida Seniors

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive natural forces on earth. These giant storms can create 100-mile an hour winds, flooding, and torrential rains that can cover entire states. Unlike earthquakes, tornados, and other natural disasters, however, residents in states that may be impacted usually have some time to prepare before a hurricane hits.

Floridians know that preparedness should not be limited to last minute precautions. This is especially true for Florida seniors and other individuals who may be at a disadvantage when it comes to fighting crowds, gaining access to needed medicines, or fleeing prospective impact zones. 

Let us share seven ways Florida seniors can proactively prepare their homes as we enter hurricane season, which runs officially from June through November. These fixes may require help from family, neighbors, or home maintenance professionals, which is all the more reason to get started now.

1- Install permanent storm shutters that can be easily opened and closed.

2- Store one-half inch plywood boards, pre-cut to protect windows from flying debris. Make sure a senior loved one has help available to secure the boards when a hurricane is bearing down on his or her area.

3- Install rain gutters. If the house already has gutters, be sure to have them checked, repaired or unclogged to prevent flooding and unnecessary water damage.

4- Trim potentially dangerous trees. High winds and excessive ground saturation can lead to extremely dangerous situations, for example, falling branches and trees. Consider hiring a professional tree removal service to start cutting down branches that hang over a senior loved one’s home, then proceed to trees that may be subject to uprooting. Ask a tree removal service or landscaping professional for an estimate before getting started.

5- Make sure the sheathing on the roof is in healthy shape. This will keep water from seeping inside during the storm and causing unnecessary damage.

6- Strengthen the garage door, if applicable, and add slide locks to doors that lead outside.

7- Make sure to come up with a plan to store lawn furniture, yard items, and trash cans so that they do not become deadly flying objects during hurricane force winds. Also, remove them from any stairways or exits.

These are just a few of the tips you can use to ensure the Florida seniors you know and love are protected this storm season. We encourage you not to wait to plan forward on this or any elder care issue. Do not wait to contact our law office for more information and let us know how we may be of assistance to you.